Smeg Cream Wok 30cm


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  • Smeg Cream Wok
  • Designed for every type of food preparation
  • Internal coating is Non-stick PTFE.
  • Made from Cold-forged aluminium
  • Dimensions: 30cm DIA
  • Also available in Black.
  • Oven safe: Up to 250°C/480°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • (Heavy metal & Nickel free)

Smeg Cream Wok 30cm

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Smeg Cream Wok 30cm. The bottom is wide and flat and designed to fit perfectly on any kind of hob (gas, induction, electric or ceramic).

It is fitted with a long stainless steel handle for a comfortable, immediate and safe grip.

Thanks to the high sloping sides, the wok is perfect for mixing and tossing ingredients with ease. It retains heat longer and consequently cooks food quickly and uniformly.