Cellardine Lever Corkscrew Deluxe


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Lever Corkscrew Deluxe

  • Comes in a beautiful full-colour gift box.
  • In a single motion, unplug the cork.
  • A spare worm is included in the gift box.
  • The stainless steel and ABS plastic lever corkscrew has a Teflon coated worm.
  • It is simple and robust to use.
  • All products from Cellardine are recyclable.

Cellardine Lever Corkscrew Deluxe

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A fantastic introduction level lever corkscrew. This deluxe Cellardine product with leave you wanting more! It’s stainless steel frame looks extremely stylish and professional. In one swift motion it uncorks the bottle, ready for you to pour.

This Entry Deluxe Lever Corkscrew will extract any standard, artificial, and foam corks off bottles, including those with flanged necks. The excellent all-year-round present for a wine lover.