Cellardine Chillcore 3-1 System


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Chillcore 3-1 System

  • Chills, pours and preserves.
  • To increase cooling ability, the ChillCore is kept within the bottle by a special air flow mechanism.
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor events and as a year-round present.
  • In the freezer, it takes up very little room.
  • Pre-wrapped in an attractive, re-usable gift box.
  • All products from Cellardine are recyclable.


Cellardine Chillcore 3-1 System

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The ChillCore 3-1 system contains a special rubber seal stopper and preserves your opened bottle fresh within at least 48 hours. Made to be simple to use and operate. Keeping it in the fridge standing until needed, if you can’t finish a bottle of wine.

In 15 minutes, the ChillCore will actively chill heated bottles of wine, preserving them chilly for up to 2 hours while still in the bottle. The non-toxic, FDA-approved gel within the stainless steel rod is made with the highest quality components. Keep it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it. Any size bottle, including conventional, screw cap, and flanged neck, can be readily utilised.

ChillCore 3 in 1 system arrives in a full-color gift box ready to use. The ChillCore was built to cool heated bottles from the inside out. Carefully engineered ventilation system permits the item to stay within the bottle during action.